I have several book projects on the go right now including one book published, one in re-write, three started and a bunch incubating. The posts on this site are divided into the three categories listed below. Click the heading to read more.

Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law is a cozy mystery that I wrote in my twenties before there was such a thing as a cozy mystery. It follows the misadventures of Newspaper Reporter Mark Murphy as he attempts to take on a corrupt city hall when a friend of his turns up dead on English Bay beach. The book was originally released on Amazon, but distribution was expanded to include all major ebook platforms, including Apple Books, Barnes and Nobel and Smashwords, in May 2020.

Truth, Lies and Ruthless People

Originally released as Diana’s Leap in 2018, the novel is being re-published this year with a new title and cover. An audiobook version is also underway. Look for some free chapters of the book in the postings. 


Two audiobooks, Murphy’s Law and Filet of Souls, have been produced and more projects are on the way.