Only three days left…

Only three days left until the launch of Diana’s Leap, a new novel that follows the mis-adventures of a middle-aged woman after she learns that the charming man she re-connected with at a high school reunion is on the run from a notorious British gangster. Is it funny? Yes. Is it suspenseful? Yes. Does it have heartwarming moments that will make the tears well up in your eyes? Of course. Do you really have to wait three more days to buy a copy? Actually, no. You can click now to buy a pre-sale copy¬†for the low, low price of $3.95 U.S., a discount of almost 50%. Offer ends midnight Nov 1st.

Another free chapter

Hi guys. I just posted Chapter Three of my new book Diana’s Leap. The ebook version of the novel is launching on Nov 2nd, but you can read the first three chapters right now for free. Just follow the links below to the free chapters on Glenn’s Space…

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Read Chapter Three