Hurry up 2021!

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a stinker of a year.

And maybe we should have seen it coming, because from the very start, 2020 came with some pretty ominous associations. For starters, it was a leap year. Check your calendar, and you’ll find 2020 includes a February 29th, which only happens once every four years. Second, it is the year of the Rat, the beginning of the cycle in the Chinese zodiac, and a year that is supposed to bring ingenuity and renewal. That only happens once every 12 years. Third, 2020 is a so called double-date year, where the first two digits are the same as the last two as in 1919, 1818, or 1717. That only happens once a century and interestingly enough, 2020 is the fourth century in a row to be visited by a pandemic during the double-date year. In 1919, it was the Spanish Flu. In 1818, it was Asiatic Cholera, and in 1717, it was Small Pox.

Even without the Covid-19 Pandemic, 2020 was an unbelievably busy news year. It saw the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani triggering open hostilities with Iran, the crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 killing all 176 souls on board, Harry and Megan’s dramatic exit stage right from the British Royal Family, the death of more than one billion animals and the extinction of several endangered species in the Australian brush fires, Brexit in the U.K., the impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump, the California fires and the horrific death of George Floyd unleashing widespread protest throughout United States.

The cherry on top of all that social turmoil was the U.S. Presidential Election in November, which many saw as the fight for the soul of America, and perhaps the last chance for it to preserve its democracy in an increasingly autocratic world. And even when the good guy eventually won, he did not ride off into a Hollywood sunset, but into an apocalyptic landscape on teetering on the thin edge of who knows what.

I tried to capture some of the angst of 2020 in these two short movies. which are both set to a song called These Days. Let’s all hope it’s a Happy New Year!

Lead-up to 2020 presidential election

Another Sunday, another playlist

Hi Guys. It’s Sunday in Canada today, so I’m sending out another playlist. This one is called These Days. I did a little curating on it recently, so there’s 12 songs now instead of 10. What I like to do with my playlists, is put on my headphones and play them in the background while I’m writing or surfing. Seems like I get more done when part of my brain is distracted by music. Anyway, hope you like the new list.

The birthday thing…

Mystic Journeys by Donald Glenn

A couple of days ago, I posted that it was my birthday and could people please buy a copy of my album or stream a few of my tunes on Spotify. And today, I see there’s a bump in my numbers. Not a huge bump mind you, but you know… discernible. So, there IS love out there if you can find a way to tap it. Too bad I can only do the birthday thing once a year. 🙂

Buy a copy here:


… or play for free on Spotify:


This Sunday’s Playlist…

Mystic Journeys by Donald Glenn
Donald Glenn’s album Mystic Journeys.

Hello Everyone. This Sunday’s Playlist is a link to my album, Mystic Journeys. Featuring 11 original songs including These Days, Don’t You Ever Wonder Why and Away Yo Go Flying, the album is available right now on all major streaming and distribution platforms. Please check it out:

Buy a copy here:


… or play for free on Spotify:


Only one song this Sunday

Hi guys. Time for another Sunday Playlist. There’s only one song on this week’s list. It’s a song that’s been trending for me for the last week or so. No idea why. It’s called Don’t You Ever Wonder Why? and it’s kind of a shout-out to those among us who suffer from episodes of depression. Hope you like it.

Gibsons Public Market, Halloween Day.

Hi guys. I’ll be back performing at the Gibsons Public Market this Saturday, Halloween day, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Please swing by for some tunes and a beverage at Emelles. For the out-of-towners on this list, please check out my recorded music at Spotify or my TubeTube Channnel.

This Sunday’s Playlist

This Sunday’s Playlist is all about me. Truth be told, it’s always all about me. It includes every song I have recorded to to date, all wrapped up in one tidy little package called This is Donald Glenn. Please play all 11 tunes. I get 0.36 of a penny for each stream, but it’s an American penny, so…

I Voted Green

I cast my vote for a Green candidate for the first time ever in the BC provincial election last week. I made a nice neat “X” in the box beside Kim Darwin’s name, stuffed it in the ballot box and walked away happy with my vote for the first time in years.

Kim Darwin

I have thought about voting Green many times before because I believe climate change is the most important issue of our generation, and it will continue to be for generations to come. But each time, I managed to talk myself out of it. It was better to be strategic I told myself, even though the candidates I voted for were often less representative of my views. In the last federal election, I voted Liberal because I wanted to protect the carbon tax from the Conservatives who had vowed to axe it. The problem with voting strategically though, is that main-stream parties are not taking us where we need to go.

Kim Darwin looks like an outstanding candidate to me, and she is well deserving of my vote; however, I know her chances of winning are not great. People hesitate to vote Green because people don’t vote Green. It’s a chicken and egg problem that maintains the status quo and keeps us from making any real progress. If we want real change, we have to embrace change ourselves.