Fogerty does it again

This week’s edition of Donald Glenn’s Songs for Sunday spotlights Rock Music Hall of Famer John Forgerty. Throughout his storied career, Fogerty has managed to capture the mood of the moment with watershed tunes like Fortunate Son, Bad Moon Rising and Have You Ever Seen The Rain. With his recently released Weeping In The Promised Land, Fogerty has once again provided us with a poignant soundtrack for the grief and hardship we experienced in 2020. The tune appropriately comes off as a gospel and takes direct aim at the failings and absence of leadership in a year that will, for better or worse, provide a marker of our future for years to come.

Now on another topic completely, people have said they love the Sunday list, but they hate that the music stops when click to look at another page. The trick is, open a new tab at the top of your browser first. Then you can surf to your heart’s content while listening to the songs on the list. Ciao for now mes amigos, and please stay safe out there.

John Fogerty

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