I Voted Green

I cast my vote for a Green candidate for the first time ever in the BC provincial election last week. I made a nice neat “X” in the box beside Kim Darwin’s name, stuffed it in the ballot box and walked away happy with my vote for the first time in years.

Kim Darwin

I have thought about voting Green many times before because I believe climate change is the most important issue of our generation, and it will continue to be for generations to come. But each time, I managed to talk myself out of it. It was better to be strategic I told myself, even though the candidates I voted for were often less representative of my views. In the last federal election, I voted Liberal because I wanted to protect the carbon tax from the Conservatives who had vowed to axe it. The problem with voting strategically though, is that main-stream parties are not taking us where we need to go.

Kim Darwin looks like an outstanding candidate to me, and she is well deserving of my vote; however, I know her chances of winning are not great. People hesitate to vote Green because people don’t vote Green. It’s a chicken and egg problem that maintains the status quo and keeps us from making any real progress. If we want real change, we have to embrace change ourselves.


2 thoughts on “I Voted Green

  1. I voted Green for the first time in the last federal election, after decades of loyalty to the NDP. In the 90s, I was deeply involved with the local NDP riding assocation, working as election-day organizer and campaign manager on a number of campaigns, serving as association secretary and treasurer for a number of years and as a delegate at conventions. While I quit the Party in the Jack Layton period, I continued to help out on campaigns and vote for NDP candidates, mostly because the candidates and other campaign workers were old friends (and even family). But, like you, I have been increasingly convinced that climate change and the environment are our greatest problems and challenges, and, like you, in the last election, I was impressed with the Green candidate. He was a friend of a friend of ours, and he came to our door one Sunday morning (the NDP candidate never did), talked with us for about an hour, and actually listened to our concerns and our political ideas. Of course, he didn’t win, and the arduous campaign almost did him in, but he remains a friend.


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