Launch Day!

Well… It’s finally here: launch day for my new book, Diana’s Leap.

This book has been almost 15 years in the making, so it’s an auspicious occasion for me even though I’m spending most of it alone at my desk—pretty typical for a writer.

I remember when I wrote the first draft of the opening conversation between Cathy and Diana in Chapter One, and thinking “Hey. That’s not bad. Maybe this could be something.” I had no idea how the story would unfold at that point, although I had an inkling about how it should end in the final chapter.

I was still working at BCIT then, and it was a very busy time for me. In addition to my day job and family responsibilities, I was doing a master’s degree at Athabasca University and teaching night school, so there wasn’t much time for writing. One of my tricks in those days was to send emails to myself with a paragraph or two of copy that I’d write on my cell phone during my commute to work or while waiting for a meeting to start. Later, when I found a free hour or two, I’d consolidate the emails into a cohesive chunk and add them to the book.

It was kind of a slow process though and by the time I retired in 2015, I only had four chapters written, although those four chapters were re-organized into six in the final version. After I quit work, I thought I’d be able to bang it out pretty quick, but it took me another two years to write the last 19 chapters and five months to do the editing.

I’m hopeful the book will do well, but even if it doesn’t I’ll still be very proud of this book. I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written. Here’s the links:

Diana’s Leap, the ebook

Diana’s Leap, paperback