The countdown begins.

Hi Guys. My new book Diana’s Leap is currently locked and loaded on the Amazon marketing behemoth, and the distribution giant is primed (no pun intended) to to begin spitting out electronic copies on November 2nd. Make a mental note: Friday, Nov 2nd, launch date for Diana’s Leap.

Personally, I think this book is much better than the first one, although my darling wife Carole, whose artwork appears on the cover, disagrees. “It has no cat,” she laments. True, there is no cat. But there’s a woman, and there’s a man, and there’s a cosmic bond that binds them together, or is there? Maybe it’s actually just a ruse he uses to save himself from a notorious British gangster with a face ugly enough to stop a clock.

Is it funny? Yes. Is it suspenseful? Yes. Are there heartwarming moments that will make the tears well up in your eyes? Of course. Do you really have to wait until Nov 2nd to buy a copy? Actually no. You can buy one right now.

Electronic copies of Diana’s Leap are currently available as a pre-order for the low, low price of $3.95 U.S. Just click here. Your pre-order will be delivered to your preferred reading device on the Nov 2nd launch date. After the launch, the price goes up to $6.95, so really, you’re better off to buy it now. If you’d prefer a print copy of the book, you can get one of those right now too. Just click here.

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