Second novel is finished!

Hey guys. Earlier this month, April 3rd to be exact, I got to write those two special words that every writer just loves to type at the  bottom of a page of text–the end. Yup. I finally finished the second novel. Feels so good to have the hard slogging out of the way and to get started on the editing and polishing. This part is so much more fun for me than writing the first draft. You look at the story and characters from a different vantage point when you’re editing. You read it more like a reader reads it, I think. You move through it faster and your focus is more on the story as a whole than on the individual scenes.

Plus, there’s no blank pages when you’re editing. Is there anything in this world more intimidating than a completely blank page? I don’t think so.

Anyway, the new book is called Diana’s Leap, the second one in a row with a possessive in the title, and I’m thinking I should get it out there Septemberish, or so. I’m planning to publish some free chapters on this blog over the summer, so watch for those, and the first chapter of the new novel will also begin appearing at the end of Murphy’s Law with a special pre-launch offer.

So… The End. Ahhh, feels good.   🙂