Milestone for Murphy’s Law

My little mystery novel, Murphy’s Law, surpassed a prodigious milestone this morning. Thanks to a special promotion I’m running today, it clipped past the 1,000 mark in total downloads. Actually, it was 1,009 the last time I looked. That number includes digital, print, and audiobook sales as well as downloads through Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Lending Library. It took two years to get here–almost exactly two, actually; it was published Jan 25th, 2016–but here we are.

digital-coverI never thought it would do this well when I first published it. I really just intended it as an experiment to learn about self publishing, or independent publishing as those in the biz like to call it.

I hope to publish my second novel, Diana’s Leap, soon. It’s all ready to go; I just have to finish writing it–and it would be done right now too, were it not for the distractions, like that sweet spot just behind Sophie the Cat’s ears that’s always in need of a little human attention.

“What’s more important,” I have asked her on more than one occasion. “Writing the great Canadian novel, or scratching the cat’s ears.” She never answers. She just stares at me with a look that says: “What a ridiculous question.”

I will get it finished soon, though; I promise. And when I do, I will post the first chapter here so you can get a taste. May all of your days be full, and all of your nights unburdened by worry or care.