The exact moment…

I remember the exact moment. It was grade 5, and I was bored numb. We’d spent days learning to print words copied from the blackboard into our notebooks, learning to form the letters correctly, to leave spaces in the appropriate spots, to use upper and lower case, to spell the words correctly, and on and on…

Until that day, I never realized there was a use for words… that words on a printed page could be used to create, to communicate, to transport the human mind and heart to other times and places, to help people feel the feelings of others. But that day our teacher, Miss Nichol, told us we’d be doing something different. She told us to write something with the words we’d learned. Write something, anything, whatever we wanted.

It was like someone had pried the top off the box I’d been living in, and said “It’s okay, you can come out now.”

From that moment, I knew writing would be a big part of my life. I wrote throughout my career as a journalist, instructional designer and teacher. Then a month ago, at the age of 64, I published my first book. I was surprised and deeply gratified to find that people other than my friends and family were actually reading it.

I am intensely curious about those people, and so I have created this blog as a way to connect with them. I promise more posts… and more books.